Basic Vaporizer Instructions

Always read the instructions that come with your new vaporizer before you burn your first bowl. Most first timers don’t feel their lungs fill up the same harsh way as smoking a joint, or don’t see thick wads of smoke so they get freaked out. The best way to see the proper resulting vapor is in the balloon systems, where you can visualize some smokey vapor.

Whip style vaporizers take a little more finesse with the toke pressure to get your desired amount of vapor for your lung capacity. A very brown dark vapor usually means too high a temperature setting and the herb is too burned up. The best vapor is blue in color and smooth to the throat. If your throat gets roughed up, the temperature of your vaporizer is usually too high. Find the right temperature setting for your vaporizer, as they can differ from each manufacturer despite the temperature setting.

You don’t have to vaporize big amounts of herb, we use about half a normal joint for three balloon fulls of the volcano vape hooked up with a 18 inch long balloon. The session lasts longer than smoking that half joint. Rule of thumb for chopping your herb is keep it a mulched chop for balloons and a finer mince chop for whips. Always experiment for your personal preferences.

Author: E-one-vaper

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