East Mall 306 Low-Resistance Atomizer

East Mall 306 Low-Resistance Atomizer

Price: $5.99

The East Mall 306 atomizer is a low-resistance atomizer that is supposed to be comparable to the Cisco 306 design, with two differences: the Cisco costs $9.99 and has a rating of 1.5 ohms, while the East Mall atomizer costs nearly half as much and has a rating of 1.7 ohms.

The picture shows the East Mall 306 low-resistance atomizer (right) next to Volcano’s new Lava atomizer. Right off the bat, the construction of the East Mall atomizer doesn’t seem quite as nice to me. Then again, I don’t buy electronic cigarette atomizers to look at them.

Using Ohm’s law, we can estimate the expected power of the East Mall and Cisco 306 atomizers as follows:

Cisco: 3.7 volt battery and 1.5 ohm resistance: 9.12667 watts

East Mall: 3.7 volt battery and 1.7 ohm resistance: 8.05294 watts

That’s a difference of around 13-percent. The performance of the East Mall should be close to that of the Cisco.

Unfortunately, the performance of the atomizer is utterly disappointing. In testing, the atomizer produced very little vapor and left me completely unsatisfied. I found the atomizer inappropriate even to keep around as a backup, and will probably throw it away. In writing this review, though, I realized that I will eventually need to pick up the equipment needed to test an atomizer’s resistance. I have no way of knowing, but wonder if the atomizer was marked incorrectly. In my opinion, it performs more like a standard-resistance atomizer — and a poor one, at that. Not recommended.

Author: E-one-vaper

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