How to Clean the Volcano Tube Tank

The Volcano Tube Tank is one of the hottest accessories currently available for the Lavatube and other large e-cigarettes. The Tube Tank holds as much as 7 ml of e-liquid at a time and delivers consistent vapor day after day between refills. However, because of its unusual design it can be rather difficult to clean the Tube Tank. In the middle of the tube tank is a Boge-style cartomizer that should never be wet with anything other than e-liquid, and the tank is partially sealed on both ends by two black stoppers, making it nearly impossible to clean the Tube Tank from the inside without removing some of these items.

It is possible to clean the Tube Tank, though, and it may be necessary to do so periodically if you have only one Tube Tank and want to use it with several different e-liquids. However, there is one major limitation: you should never attempt to clean the cartomizer. The cotton gauze filling in the center is designed to retain liquid, which means that it could stay wet for an extended period after you clean it. This can lead to the formation of mold, which is potentially dangerous. So, you’ll want to begin cleaning your Tube Tank by removing the drip tip from the top and pushing the cartomizer straight down as if you were filling the Tube Tank. Remove the cartomizer completely and set it aside. If e-liquid has begun to build up on the heating coil and degrade its performance or you simply want to try some new e-liquids, don’t attempt to clean the cartomizer with water. Instead, pick up a few extra Tube Tank replacement cartomizers for $2.99 each or $2.69 each for five or more.

After removing the cartomizer, you can proceed to clean the Tube Tank by pulling the black stoppers from both ends. This should leave you with the clear plastic shell, which you can wash in warm water — use a little soap if necessary — and dry thoroughly with a paper towel. Replace the black stoppers and slide the cartomizer back up through the bottom of the Tube Tank. Add e-liquid, replace the drip tip and you’re ready to resume vaping.

Author: E-one-vaper

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