Inferno vs. Lava Atomizers

What is the difference between the Inferno and Lava atomizers?

The Volcano Inferno electronic cigarette includes a low-resistance 510 atomizer called the Inferno atomizer. However, it is also compatible with Volcano’s low-resistance Lava atomizer, which is sold separately. Unfortunately, the Volcano website does not make it clear which of the two atomizers is the better one, or what the differences are. So, is the Lava atomizer better?

The Inferno and Lava are both low-resistance atomizers that draw more current than standard atomizers. For this reason, they are only recommended for use with the Inferno battery. (They do work with the Magma battery as well, but Volcano does not recommend it.) The Lava atomizer becomes hotter than the Inferno atomizer, producing more–and slightly warmer–vapor.

Because the Lava atomizer produces so much more vapor, the flavors of e-liquids are far more pronounced. For me personally, more vapor equates to a more satisfying experience. Therefore, the Lava atomizer is the one I prefer.

There are still reasons to use the Inferno atomizer, though, and it can be beneficial to own both. The Inferno atomizer is a recessed design, with the heating coil placed at the bottom of the cylinder. If you insist upon dripping in a (non-moving, please!) vehicle, you are much less likely with the Inferno atomizer to pick your electronic cigarette up from the cup holder to find that it has leaked everywhere.

I don’t recommend dripping in the car, though. If you are the type who smokes while driving, I strongly suggest picking up some cartridges when you switch to vaping so that you can vape in the car.

The other benefit of the Inferno atomizer is that it is far less temperamental than the Lava. If the Inferno atomizer is overfilled or becoming dry, the vapor production simply stops. Because of the heat produced by the Lava, however, it emits an unpleasant taste that burns the throat if you add either too much or too little liquid. It takes a little getting used to.

Although I definitely believe there is a benefit to owning both, if I could only have one atomizer for my electronic cigarette, the Lava atomizer is far and away my favorite. I am willing to put up with an occasional inconvenience in exchange for the best taste and the most vapor.

Author: E-one-vaper

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