Tips For Using Vaporizers

    1. Medical marijuana likes to be vaporized at 365°F to 374°F which is also 185°C to 190°C depending on the make and model of your vaporizer. We know some vape heads who like 230°C in order to fill their lungs with heavier vapor. Others like a low heat at 320°F for a very light, harsh tasting vapor. Find the temperature setting for your personal vaporizer experience. A few degrees in vapor heat can hash out a throat, find your personal threshold.

  1. Be patient, the temperature may say 370°F but sometimes the vaporizer won’t be quite ready, don’t be afraid to tentatively feel it, give it an extra few minutes to warm up.
  2. Think of chopping your herbs into small, medium, large OR mince, mulch and chunky sizes. Cut your herbs into a mid-sized mulch for bigger volcanoes. Whip styles tend to like a regular mulch size herb chop. Mind you some whip styles now have fans, leading to a mulch size preference. Finally chopped herb works best in small portable pocket size vapes. Marijuana Grinders will help you achieve the herb chop you want without getting stinky, sticky fingers and scissors. Marijuana Grinder Reviews will let you know what’s new in a herb grinder.
  3. Vape With Caution! Start out with a 1/4 toke and work up from there, you won’t know until you exhale, the vapor may catch you off guard. Too many a lung has hacked up at first time vape hits.
  4. Discover how many passes or vaporizations per bowl full you can achieve before the bowl is totally spent. Our personal volcano will take 3 passes to extinguish the life of the herb.
  5. The color of the vapor can tell you when to change to a fresh bowl. The vapor should be a nice blue hue. As you vaporize a bowl full, the color will turn brown indicating it’s time for more herb. Realize when the bowl is exhausted so you are not starting to haul harder to get a hit especially when using on demand whip style intake.
  6. Buy extra balloons, get an extra pack or roll, you’ll find after good vaporizer usage, the vapor will sticky up the balloon. Buy extra feet of surgical grade tubing for whip style vapes. It gets slicked up with resin gum and could affect the taste. Buy extra bowls for all vapes, you’ll need them for parties.
  7. Don’t put too much pressure when attaching the balloon/mouthpiece to a volcano vape, the base will bend given enough pressure and time.
  8. Have some sanitized wipes kicking around during party time. After many uses, the mouthpiece of any vaporizer gets gummed up with lip gloss and needs cleaning. Clean, be diligent. The mouthpiece is most important to constantly keep clean, use isopropyl alcohol or some other real good cleaning agent. Stay ahead of the resin that can build up in plastics and silicone, they can affect the quality if vapor and can become toxic.
  9. With the money you save on papers, lighters and smoking less herb, you’ll see a fatter wallet. Live longer and vaporize.

Author: E-one-vaper

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