Vaporizer Buying Guide

Why Buy a Vaporizer?


Vaporizers allow you to gain the medicinal benefits of herbs without receiving the harmful effects. The vaporization process eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful carcinogens normally present in smoke. If you are trying to quit smoking, or plan to continue smoking you should seriously consider a vaporizer for the health benefits alone.


When you smoke herbs a significant amount of the active ingredients are destroyed due to the high temperatures combustion occurs at. Convection vaporizers are much more efficient because heated air can flow all the way to all parts of the herb. This ensures equal heating, and consequently a complete vaporization. As long as hot air flows through the herb and there are essential oils left to vaporize, it will continue giving off vapor. Any vaporizer will easily pay for itself due to their ability to vape the same herbs more than once.


Smoking the old fashioned way creates a strong odor no matter what plant materials are burned. Through the vaporization process, only a thin mist of active ingredients called vapor is produced. Most vapor dissipates very easily and is virtually undetectable. This is great if you travel, have roommates or live in a dorm for instance.

Which Vaporizer is Best For Me?

There are many different vaporizers to choose from. The question is then, what is most important to you? Some of us prefer a forced air unit that fills a stand alone bag that you can conveniently take around with you. While others like to be able to sit and vape from a standard box unit without the worries of using a bag system or any extra parts.

1. The vaporizing options you have:

  • Desktop vs Portable
  • Convection vs conduction
  • Power source
  • Delivery methods
  • Temperature control

2. Classification divided on:

  • Pen vaporizers
  • Stealthiness
  • Group size
  • Price
  • Aromatherapy  Oils

Different Vaporization Systems


You can expect only the highest level of quality, value, aesthetics, ease of use, and overall enjoyment with any of these vaporizers that have been recognized as industry leaders.Try to read the online experts review about e-cigs and vaporizers from top rated vaping websites like – Ecig Reviews

These convection vaporizers force hot air over the herbs, the volcano vaporizer forces hot air over the herbs to fill a bag. The natural goods vaporizers use a much lighter forced air to simply aid in the inhalation of the herbs.

Standard vaporizers require you to manually pull the hot air over the herbs, this allows you to vape at your own pace.

These vaporizers provide a digital read out of the exact temperature. The volcano vaporizers digital read provides extremely precise controls within 2 degrees of the actually shown temperature.

Great for the outdoors or when you are out on the run. Use them on the golf course, when you’re out camping or anywhere else that suits you. The i-Inhale for example, runs on butane and uses no batteries or chords.

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