How to Oppose Illinois Vaping Bill

If you’ve read Illinois – Take action to oppose Tobacco about vaping in Chicago, you already know that Illinois is not friendly to its vapors. Illinois authorities have been claiming that electronic cigarettes are attracting fans among the non-smokers especially children’s. Now Illinois vaping new anti-vaping bill that seeks to raise the legal age to buy tobacco and vape products from 18 to 21. If you live in the state, it’s time to take action to oppose Illinois vaping bill HB 3208 and keep vape products accessible for more smokers.

Story About Reconsidering Electronic Cigarettes And Advocating It

Vaping critics have been always claiming that electronic cigarettes are attracting fans among the non-smokers. This could be true to a degree. A growing number of non-smokers are not using the devices because they are advocating it. Among these non-smoking e-cig and tobacco harm reduction advocates is Allison Taylor.

Quitting Smoking For A Child

Allison’s husband’s smoking had always been causing an argument in their marriage, but he doubled his cessation efforts when Allison became pregnant.

He started smoking while in second grade and first attempted at quitting in sixth grade. The last attempt he made was when Allison was half way through the pregnancy. He was able to not smoke for 4 days, past the point when physical withdrawal is supposed to end. Yet, be started to smoke again. Then, he told Allison that he will try using electronic cigarettes. She thought that his idea is dumb and wondered why he could just not give up.

She witnessed how her husband struggled while dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. Her husband had a plan of using e-cigs daily and smoking pipe or cigars on weekends.

Allison admitted she was annoyed by his plan and skeptical about the safety of e-cigs. Her husband bought his e-cig while she researched about it. She said that she had to hold back her laughter each time her husband took a puff on the e-cig because he appeared ridiculous. The vape starter kits cost $20.

Motivated To Vape

However, he remained optimistic about vaping. While e-cigs did not really satisfy his cravings, they helped him to manage them. For 2 days, Allison did not endure the lingering foul smell. They thought that the e-cig was worth it.

Thus, they both researched about e-cigs. He looked for the type of e-cig he needed to buy that will last longer than one day while Allison researched about vaping safety. She said that it was hard finding information on e-cig safety because most of what she found was testimonies and she could not rely on message board stories.

She found out about the FDA study that confirmed her thought that e-cigs have harmful chemicals. Yet, she was not satisfied with just a press release so she researched more. Soon, she found that the FDA was not very honest with its statement in the press release. She discovered that while e-cigs contain some harmful chemicals, these were only at trace levels far lower that the levels considered as harmful. She even wondered if the FDA purposely wants to mislead the public on e-cigs. She had decided that even if there were no health benefits to her husband, she would at least not need to deal with third-hand smoke.

Finding An Appropriate Device

His research had been fruitful, Allison said. He discovered that he needed some Cheap Vape products – a Vaping Starter Kits and some best cheap vape juice. He also searched and found a local vape shop where this device could be bought.

When he went into the shop, the two women who were running it set up his personal vaporizer and also hired him to design their store’s website. He then went home with his device and Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble.

That night, the couple has discussed vaping. He told her that after vaping his e-juice, he did not think he could still go back to smoking cigarettes and her husband was indeed right.

He spent a lot of time in the shop while designing the website and had witnessed that the shop was always busy despite no web presence and advertising. He brought home success stories that impressed Allison. Eventually, her husband fell in love with vaping and gave up his graphic design work to join the ladies at the vape shop to help other smokers like him.

Allison witnessed the heath improvements that vaping gave to her husband. She also spent time in the shop and what she witnessed likewise changed her. Dismayed by the misinformation that trusted organizations release, she now advocates for vapor products because she believes that they can make cigarettes obsolete.


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