Herbal Vaporizers: A Lovable and Healthy Choice for Smokers

Herbal vaporizers at a glance

Health hazards have been an alarming issue particularly for those who have anyway been concerned with the research related to health. As a consequence, there are varieties of vaporizers available in the market. The herbal vaporizer is one of them. Vaporizers designed to heat the cannabis in its raw, bud form are known as dry herb vaporizers.It is getting popular day by day for its own virtue. Herb Vaporizer is easy to use which makes it a lovely choice for smokers. Looking at its popularity, several changes are being made to improve the quality of herbal vaporizers, so that the smoking- lover guys may have a better experience of intoxication through this alternative means.

Any tobacco or herb which is used in the vaporizer is heated at such a moderate temperature that it gives out the herbal essence without burning it. Therefore the user enjoys the essence the herb in the form of vapor, not in the form of smoke.


Get Educated Before You Buy Vaporizers

Types of herb vaporizers:

While we broke the main categories of vaporizers down into three categories, we do readily admit that there could have been other categories in addition to the three we provided. The reason we chose three was to simplify the equation for the novices (those new to vaporizing). Bag vaporizers, multi-use (like the Extreme Q and Vapir Rise), and liquid vapes are some examples of other categories we could have included. We may revise this at a future date, but then again, we may not. For now, the three main categories are:

  • Pen Vaporizers
  • Portable Vaporizers
  • Forced-Air Vaporizers

Conduction VS Convection

For those who have been wondering what convection is, we have an explanation. We also made an attempt to define conduction as it applies to vaporization. This should answer the question, “what is the difference between conduction and convection?

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9 Types Of Marijuana Vaporizer For Every Kind Of Smoker:

Different types of vaporizers


There are many kinds of herbal vaporizers on the market. Their heating process classifies them. Some use a lighter to heat the substance, and this variety is very cheap. But some are given with an electric heating device or a dynamic temperature control. So it is all up to the user to make a choice between them.

  1. Tabletop Vaporizers
  2. Oil-Based Vape Pens
  3. Wax-Based Vape Pens
  4. Plant-Based Vape Pens
  5. Volcano-Style
  6. Vaporizers Customized, Artistic Vape Pens
  7. Gas-Powered Vaporizers
  8. Stealth Vaporizers
  9. Ostentatiously Fancy, Expensive Vaporizers

Benefits of herbal vaporizers

For smokers, a herbal vaporizer is a health bonanza. Normally in the traditional method, smoke is inhaled which may cause damage to the lungs. But through a herb vaporizer, the essence of the herb is inhaled in the form of vapor which does not contain any harmful element like carcinogenic material usually associated with smoking. No doubt this is the best alternative for those who cannot abstain from smoking. When they use this option, their lungs remain intact of tar, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens present in smoke.

When the herb is heated, it gives out only healthy vapor containing nicotine which is quite enough to serve the purpose of tobacco smoking. Moreover, there is less chance of addiction, and the user can voluntarily get the pleasure of intoxication.

Use of herb vaporizers and its temperature:

It is very easy to use a herbal vaporizer. The herbs are first grinned to small and even particles by using a herb grinder. If the herb grinder is not available, a coffee grinder can also serve the purpose. Before loading the herbs in the provided glass handpiece, the vaporizer is heated to around 200 degrees. About temperature, it is said that the effect of the vapor varies on different temperatures.

But Vaporization of herbs are found to vaporize best between 140 and 220 degrees Celsius. Especially for tobacco, it is between 140 and 200 degree Celsius. After getting the optimum temperature required, the handpiece is firmly placed over the heating element. Now the vapor could be inhaled but bit by bit. To make sure if the device is working properly, one can monitor a cloudy mist within the handpiece.

To sum up, it can be affirmed that herbal vaporizer deserves a space in everyone’s life

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