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For those who are looking to buy a high-quality electronic cigarette, I would suggest choosing the brand Blu. Blu Cigs are considered to be one of the best brands of electronic cigarettes available among all of the vaping products on the market today. In this article, the features of the Blu electronic cigarettes, as well as the factors that make them stand out from the other e-cig brands, will be discussed.

Key Features of the Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

There are several features that the Blu Cigs have that make them different from the other brands of electronic cigarettes currently available in the market. These features are also what makes this specific brand of e-cigarettes stand out from the rest of its competitors. Some of the main key features of the Blu electronic cigarettes include the following listed below.

Signature Blue Color   All of the Blu Cigs have a blue LED glowing tip that lights up every time the user will puff on the electronic cigarette. This blue LED glowing tip also lights up when the e-cigarette needs to be recharged.

Rechargeable Battery   All of the Blu electronic cigarettes come with longer lasting batteries made from lithium-polymer and are also rechargeable.

Built-In Atomizer   For the maximum level of vapor to be produced, all of the Blu e-cigarettes take advantage of an atomizer that is built into the cigarette’s cartridge. This also ensures that a new atomizer will be utilized with a new cartridge.

Flavor Cartridges   All of the Blu cartridges come in various flavors. These are also tailor-made in the United States by the company Johnson Creek Smoke Juice.

Silicone Tip   To prevent any leakages from occurring, all of the Blu Cigs consist of a silicone tip located within the mouthpiece. This also provides a much more authentic traditional cigarette feel without the natural toxins and health hazards associated with regular tobacco cigarettes.

Traditional Tobacco Cigarette Size   The size of the Blu electronic cigarettes is similar to the size of regular tobacco cigarettes. Because of this, smoking Blu e-cigs will provide the user with a more authentic sensation of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes, but again, without the usual risks and hazards associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Starter Kits offered by Blu Cigs

There are currently three different Blu cigs kits to choose from. These tools include the Blu Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, the Blu Premium 100 Electronic Cigarette Pack, and the Blu Original Electronic Cigarette Pack. Each of these kits boasts of various advanced features and are priced differently to meet the needs, the requirements, and the budget of the loyal as well as the new Blu electronic cigarette users.

All of the Blu Electronic Cigarette Kits offer improved performance, a higher level of functionality, and an additional advanced technology for both the social and the individual aspects of a user’s e cigarette smoking experience to be enhanced. This new kit also features a stylish appearance and feel to it.
Overview of the Blu Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The Blu Cigs Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is the newest addition to the products being offered by this brand of e-cigarettes. This starter kit, aside from being the first actual development made in the industry of electronic smoking devices after the company’s launch of their Original Pack, is also a patented technology.

Below are some of the leading advanced features of the Blu Cigs Premium

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

-The new and the patented Social Feature
-Efficient battery management system which is designed to monitor and charge the spare battery continuously
-Load Icons on the side of the cigarette for the user to take note of the battery level and the battery charging progress’


With the Premium starter 100 kit, you get all the Premium starter kit’s trappings as well as big cartridges and batteries. It helps to vape for longer. You still get the standard number of two batteries and five cartridges, but they are all a little bit beefier in this kit.

The Premium kits 100 costs $89.95

Overview of the Blu Premium 100 Electronic Cigarette Pack

The Blu Cigs Premium 100 Electronic Cigarette Pack offers users with a bigger, a fuller, and a more longer lasting e-cigarette smoking experience. The patented technology that this cigarette pack makes use of allows the e-cigs to hold larger cartridges and batteries. This capability is perfect for e-cigarette users who are looking for the maximum vapor experience with a reduced amount of charging.

Detailed below are just some of the key features that the Blu Premium 100 Electronic Cigarette Pack has to offer.

  • Can hold up to five e-cigarette cartridges
  • Consistently monitors and charges the battery for maximum performance
  • Load Icons located on the side of the electronic cigarette allows the user to see the battery level of both the pack and the spare cigarette

Overview of the Blu Original Electronic Cigarette Pack

What makes this package unique is its internal charge port feature. This feature allows the user to charge the e cigarette batteries conveniently while he or she is on the go. This enables the user to replenish the batteries for up to six times before it requires a full charge.

Some of the main features of the Blu Original Electronic Cigarette Pack include the following.

  • Built in charger and capability to hold up to five e-cigarette cartridges
  • Portable and can easily fit in the user’s pocket
  • The charge indicator ensures that the spare battery is always charged fully
  • The Crumple resistant feature of the Blu Cigs Original Electronic Cigarette Pack protects the electronic cigarettes from damages and exposure to elements


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