3 Premium and Best Price Cookie E-Liquid Review

Cookie Monsterz by FJ’s e-Liquid– 60ml

FJ’s Cookie Monsterz is a very full flavored milky strawberry vanilla sugar cookie ice cream sandwich that will have your senses going bonkers!

This vape juice opens with an excellent cake flavor, sweet, but not too sweet. It’s met on the exhale by a perfectly blended spice note. It all comes off as single, cohesive flavor with full-flavored milky strawberry-vanilla flavor standing out above all others. I’m sure there are fruit, vanilla, and some sugar in there, and very possibly some nutmeg and allspice as well. It’s a bit difficult to pull one flavor out from the rest however, it’s just as it should be … a tightly woven web of spices, used in a well-balanced ratio.

The overall profile isn’t all that far off from that of a gingerbread flavor. In fact, for the first 20 minutes or so vaping this one, it was almost dead on gingerbread. But with a little time, the essence of cake, and more importantly, a sweet, dark, rich molasses flavor, set this juice far apart from the many strawberry-vanilla sugar cookie ice cream sandwich flavors that I’ve tasted to date. There is also a very mild, general nutty flavor that persists throughout the entirety of the vape, adding a bit of a savory, umami type tone to the profile. It finishes off extremely well with all of the flavors coming together beautifully. They are joined at the very last second by a light hint of a buttercream-style frosting, the icing on the cake so to speak.

List Price: $28.00
Savings: $17.01

Buy Now Price: $10.99


Little Dipper by The Milkman E-Liquid – 30 ml

Little Dipper is the newest flavor from the Milkman. It’s a delicious freshly baked sugar cookie dipped in an ice-cold glass of creamy milk. The flavor profile is simple with elements of cinnamon, caramelized sugar, and the subtle taste of baked goods that while a bit difficult to describe, might remind one of standing at the kitchen counter gradually working your way through a tray of freshly baked cookies still warm from the oven. While the building blocks are simple, the result is anything but. Little Dipper boasts a seamless profile that incorporates all the necessary components into a single, wholly satisfying, sweet dessert vape.

While the sweetness is certainly present in the blend, it’s never overpowering, allowing the cinnamon and cookie flavors to shine brightly and create a warmth and overall tone that is light and delicious. The front side of the vape is fairly bland with almost no flavor at all coming through the light sweetness until, right in the split second before you begin to exhale, the flavors seem to gather together out of nowhere to create a sweet cinnamon flavor that could be nothing but Snickerdoodle.

There appears to be a little extra spice thrown in to mix that is just a hint of an overtone, but I simply can’t pick-up on exactly what it is. I preferred this juice just a little bit on the warmer side. Just under 9.25 watts or 4.8v on my 2.5? atomizer. This produces a big, warm, mildly spiced cookie flavor, an average throat hit, and a good sized vapor cloud.

The perfect all day dessert vape, featuring Max VG composition and available in 30 ml.

List Price: $20.00
Savings: $10.01

Buy Now Price: $9.99

Cookie Craze by FJ’s E-liquid – 60ml

Cookie Craze e-liquid by FJ is a very full flavored milky cream that will have your senses going bonkers! It is the perfect way to finish any meal. The driving force behind this juice is an intense milky brown sugar that is at first, a little overwhelming, but it quickly mellows out a bit after a few vapes. Next up is a healthy dose of rum that isn’t overly boozy. It cuts through the strawberry-vanilla caramelized sweetness of the brown sugar with ease.

The creamy candy-like banana flavor doesn’t make an appearance until the finish, and while it could certainly be a bit more potent to help offset the dark flavor of the cookie ice cream sandwich, it does provide some much-needed balance to the flavor profile. There also seems to be a faint note of cinnamon, but it has a hard time getting out from under the creamy sweetness of the ice cream cookie. The throat hit is impressive for a desert juice, and it puts out a nice big cloud of sweet brown sugar smelling vapor.

List Price: $28.00
Savings: $17.01

Buy Now Price: $10.99

Author: E-one-vaper

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