SmokTech Alien 220W Sparkle Kit Review

Are you looking for a high wattage mod with a sub ohm tank for the right price? The SmokTech Alien 220W Sparkle Kit is a stylish-looking vape kit that comes with the famous SmokTech’s TFV9 Baby Beast Tank and the company’s Alien 220W Box Mod.

The SmokTech Alien 220W Sparkle Kit brings together two of SmokTech’s most powerful vaping products. This vape kit is what you want to get if you are looking for superior performance. It will give see you enjoy vapor production and the flavor of your e-liquid to the max.

The SmokTech Alien 220W Sparkle Kit is basically the same as the Alien 220W Kit. The only difference is that the two is that the former has sparkles on the body. The latter also comes in more color combinations.

You can get the SmokTech Alien 220W Sparkle Kit from It comes in four color combinations; white/red sparkle, black/multi sparkle, green/black sparkle and yellow/black sparkle.

The SmokTech Alien 220W Sparkle Kit has a temperature range of 200F to 600F. When you are vaping in wattage mode, the resistance range of the mod is 0.1ohms to 3ohms. However, if you are using this e-cigarette in temperature mode, the resistance is 0.6ohms to 2ohms.

Since the Big Baby Beast is very popular, we’ll focus more on the Alien 220W mod in this review. The TFV8 Big Beast is a 24.5mm sub ohm tank that is known for producing flavorful vapor.

The TFV8 Big Baby Tank in the SmokTech Alien 220W Sparkle Kit comes pre-installed with a V8 Baby-Q2 Core 0.4ohm dual coil. There is also an extra V8 Baby-T8 Core 0.15ohm octuple coil in the package. You can use either nickel, titanium or stainless steel coils for this system.

The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank has a capacity of 5ml. It is transparent so you can exactly how much e-liquid you have left. It also has adjustable airflow slots to allow you control how you want your vapor.

The Alien 220W Mod that comes the SmokTech Alien 220W Sparkle Kit has a dimension of 85mm x 44mm x 30mm. It has a large firing button on the side which is really convenient because unlike other mods you don’t have to search for the button each time you want to take a hit. The firing button produces a clicking sound when you press it.

There is a large OLED screen on the side of the mod. The screen displays information about the setting of the device. There are two small buttons on either side of the bottom of the screen. Along with the firing button, these two buttons can be used to control and change the settings displayed on the OLED screen. Five clicks of the firing button will put the device on or lock it. However, three clicks would open up the settings menu.

There is a micro USB port just below the screen for charging the device and for firmware upgrade.

On the other side of the mod is a carbon fiber panel, which gives it a nice grip. The SmokTech Alien 220W Mod runs on two 18560 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. There is a cover under the device that opens the battery compartment. One unique feature of the SmokTech Alien 220W Mod is that it has a very thick 510 connector on the top. The 510 connector on this mod is thicker than what you would find on other mods currently on the market.

While the SmokTech Alien 220W Sparkle Kit is basically the same as the SmokTech Alien 220W Kit, the sparkle design really adds something to the former. This vape kit will make you stand out from your friends when you all gather with your e-cigarettes.

Author: Saa K

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