Mr. Cannoli Premium E Juice Review

“Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” Perhaps this line has been parodied and repeated a thousand times after the character Pete Clemenza in the movie The Godfather (Part I) gave this order to the other guy in the car after a murder has been carried out. But what exactly are cannoli anyways?

A cannolo (cannoli in plural) is actually a Sicilian pastry dessert that plays an essential part on the cuisine of Sicily. Cannoli are fried, tube-shaped pastry shells that are filled with sweet and creamy fillings. These treats have long been storied and these has a lot of variations already. As much as we enjoy eating them, what if we can also actually vape them? You know, deliver those delicious flavors right straight into our taste buds. That being said, I am thrilled to give my thoughts on the Mr. Cannoli e-juice from Dynamic Creations.

First off, I have to be very honest but this e-juice tastes phenomenal! On the inhale, you will undeniably notice the solid mascarpone flavor with a rich and creamy flavor plus a slight bit of tanginess to it. Upon exhale, that flavor interestingly shifts to produce a taste somewhere between the crispy crust with a little powdered sugar and the saltiness of the pistachios. I noticed some notes of custard, doughnuts, and pastry flavors just lingering at the back also. I love how each puff takes my taste buds into different taste dimensions. Also, the flavor is not overwhelming at all. The sweetness is well-blended, perfect, and very decadent.

In terms of cloud and vapor production, this baby does not disappoint. The Mr. Cannoli, which is a perfect blend for dripping, contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Again, cloud experience was pretty solid. I vaped mine on an RTA section with dual coils and set it at 0.4 ohms at 45 watts. This juice was smooth and pleasant, with no throat hit or nose burning sensations at all.

I find the packaging of this e-liquid adorable as well. Did I mention that cannoli are Italian classic desserts? Now that I have said it, perhaps you will probably have an idea what the bottle looks like. Yes, the label of the bottle bears that green vintage diamond-patterned background with an image of a stereotypical Italian chef wearing his poofy white hat and twirly mustache. What’s more, this Italian chef cartoon gives a wink and an A-OK sign (possibly for us buyers). If we based it on the original chef kiss, the gesture means “al bacio” or “as good as kiss”; in other words, it’s a gesture of delight.

The cannoli flavored e-liquid is packed in a clear bottle with a white dropper cap that is child resistant. If you are already a parent or you have kids around running around your house, this cap is really a savior. The dropper cap allows a mess-free transfer of the e-liquid from the bottle to the atomizer as well. By the way, aside from the attractive chef on the label, it also contains important information on the sides including the nicotine concentration level, the manufacturing date, and the expiration date.

This Mr. Cannoli blend comes in three different nicotine concentration level. The 6 mg of nicotine is suitable if you are wanting to experience the strongest hit this blend can offer. This is way lower  compared with other brands that reach up to 24 mg, but this is already more than enough for most vapers. The 3 mg of nicotine is ideal for average users or those who are just starting to give vaping a try. The 0 mg is for those who want a guaranteed nicotine-free blend.

You can buy a 30 mL or a 60 mL bottle of your own for as low as $21.99 online. Click here to catch some awesome deals.

Overall, I think it is safe to say that this Mr. Cannoli e-liquid stays true to its profile. It really allows you to enjoy the smooth decadent inhale of chocolate cream puffs with hints of custard and a creamy doughnut exhale full of flavor. If you are wise enough too, follow its advice: don’t hog this one too long, or you might get asked to pass the cannoli!

Author: charissa

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