Vape Moar Baker’s Bean Eliquid Sampler Review

Whoever says that vanilla flavor is plain and boring has not tasted Baker’s Bean by Vape Moar yet. This lightly sweet vanilla taste will surely surprise your taste buds in a whole new different level. Read my review about this evape below.

Because Vape Moar is prioritizing price over fancy presentation, the vape juice is packaged in a rather simple and straightforward way. It comes in a plastic bottle with a child-resistant cap. Wrapped around the bottle is a white colored label that displays important product information. It displays the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, lot number, expiration date, etc.

The ejuice itself has a very light caramel color. It has a nice consistency, and I think this is one of Vape Moar’s thinner juices. Thanks to this, Baker’s Bean eliquid wicks well and will not easily gunk up your atomizer or burn your coil fast. Of note, this is already pre-steeped. I tried vaping it right after receiving and again after steeping it for a week. Well, there is actually some flavor difference, although not that much.

Once you twist that cap off the bottle, prepare for some real vanilla scent. The smell is like a mix of vanilla with some twists of cinnamon and white chocolate somewhere. This pretty much reminds me of my favorite pastry, vanilla cinnamon roll.

Based on its official flavor profile, “It’s always a wonder that people use the word vanilla to describe something simple and plain! Vanilla is a cornerstone flavor. It’s used in everything from soft drinks and coffees to cakes and savory dishes. With Baker’s Bean, we’ve focused on the truest Vanilla Bean flavor we could make. You can taste vanilla in a lot of things, but why not come to the source? Baker’s bean offers a true and complex vanilla flavor without the overpowering oiliness of many vanilla vapes. If you’re the type of vaper who loves creamy vanilla vapes, but don’t want the cloying sweetness or other flavors to get in the way of your flavor experience, Baker’s Bean is the true, pure experience of vanilla, in your vape.”

Indeed, the taste of this bottle is as good as its smell. Just like I said earlier, this has a vanilla cinnamon roll taste with a doughy element that appears in the aftertaste. For me, this bottle is a great combination of vanilla bean and cinnamon with interesting undertones of white chocolate and vodka. I have to commend how perfect this vape juice has been blended. It is sweet but is not overwhelming to cause any throat irritation or fits of coughing and spluttering. This can surely pass as an all-day vape for many.

Baker’s Bean is a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% propylene glycol. The vape is smooth and pleasant on the throat. It does not cause any nicotine buzz or even nose tingling sensations. Despite its vegetable glycerin content is low, its cloud production ability will not disappoint. In fact, this works way better than other 60 VG based eliquids out there. Clouds are dense and huge, and they do not disappear immediately.

Vape Moar recommends that you vape this ejuice at fairly high heat, preferably at 600F. A temperature higher than this can cause the vanilla flavor to lose much of its ‘body’ and the taste can end up being too cakey. Meanwhile, vaping Baker’s Bean at low heat will give you a variety of vanilla notes. From here, you can pick what kind of vanilla taste you are craving for.

You can snatch your own Baker’s Bean eliquid sampler by Vape Moar for as low as $3 only. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, then you can mix and match its Small Bottles collection. Vape Moar has tons of flavor choices, including Mellow Gold, Cool Green, Summer Sweetie, Prince Pucker, and Fru Fruity.

Vape Moar is a relatively new company, but has gained immense popularity for its simple philosophy. The company aims to craft top-quality eliquid for less money. It wants to deliver its premium quality products at near whole prices directly to you, the end vaper. Get your own Vape Moar bottles now before they run out. For now, vape on!

Author: charissa

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